New Chapter, Same Purpose

Our lives are a series of moments and experiences that lead us in the direction we are intended to follow. It has been nearly two months since I joined Viacom to lead talent acquisition with a vision towards the future workforce. A move that will bring me and my family back to our beloved NYC.  It has also been nearly five years since we picked up everything we owned and moved to LA.  A three year stretch in LA was followed by two years in the Bay area. These relocations helped us further hone our sense of adventure, introduced us to now life-long friends, and reminded us that "growth and comfort do not coexist".

As a non-traditional HR executive, my lens on talent acquisition is defined by a firm belief that culture, opportunity and fairness deliver commercial value. Culture is what determines who joins, how people behave, what you place value on, how teams run and how a company performs. Opportunity and fairness are how you further create value for companies, individuals and communities.

I am product of dictatorship, immigration and opportunity. Born in NYC to teenage parents and raised by my paternal grandparents in the Dominican Republic, I grew up with an expansive sense of community. Studying at an international school further pushed me to construct a worldview that transcends the tribal. Building cultures where everyone has access and ability to realize their potential, and feel a sense of belonging, is not my job - it’s my purpose. 

So I find myself in a new chapter in my life, again asking what can I do today that hasn't been done before? What can I do differently to deliver higher value? How do we create space for different voices and stories? How do I capture the imagination of others to collectively solve for diversity, inclusion and justice? How can I help my daughter and all children experience the world better? And a new adventure begins...