Together, let’s transform workplaces to be diverse, inclusive and innovative.

No two organizations are alike, but here’s what I know works:

1. a firm and active commitment from the top, embedded with accountability

2. all aspects of people and business operations running in parallel toward shared goals and clear outcomes

3. purposeful storytelling that builds and reinforces culture

From Fortune 500 companies to startups and nonprofits, I partner with clients at all stages of their journey to build more inclusive, empathetic and innovative workplaces where all employees feel a sense of belonging.

I offer coaching, advisory and training services for companies and organizations in three core ways:

  • Executive Coaching / Advisory / Consulting. Partner with leadership teams to build clarity and alignment on how to create inclusive cultures that nurture highly effective teams, amplify productivity and agility, and avoid potential and permanent damage.

  • Organizational Capacity Building. Identify the organizational barriers and opportunities that have the most significant impact on workplace culture and business outcomes. This includes empirical data, systems analysis, change management principles, strategic planning, and updating or creating the processes, policies, and practices that need the most attention.

  • Individual Coaching. Help teams internalize the changes needed and up skill on workplace culture practices so they shorten the time frame from ideation to execution.

Each practice is interconnected, and must be questioned and integrated to drive real change: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, wellness, compensation and benefits, disciplinary and complaint procedures, services/content/product development.

When leaders and organizations start thinking differently and acting courageously, we can implement better solutions, and build workplaces that work for everyone. Ready to get started?

Some of the Organizations Where I Have Driven Change: